A word from the author… (Ive always wanted to write that)

Good morning/afternoon/evening, wherever you may be in the world, welcome!

I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to everyone who is now following me since my last update. Please continue to spread the word, It really does mean a lot.

So, what’s been happening since the last time we spoke. There have certainly been a few developments in the past few weeks. I am about to start chapter seven of my novel. A chapter that is going to be the pinnacle of my story. I am at the point in the process where I now really feel like I know my characters personally. After spending most days with them, creating their thought process, sharing their expressions, they have now become my friends. Whether or not they are each others friends is a different story. Or my story?

This week in particular has been a big week away from the writing. I have made the decision to start the design of my front cover early. I wanted to bring my creation to life early on giving me that end goal to aim for. Having spoken with a number of designers, all working differently, I now have a graphic designer on the case with the first samples due next week. After trawling through hundreds and hundreds of I stock images with no inspirational results at all, I found the one. It almost jumped through my computer screen and hit me in the face saying “Mark! Look no further. I am that picture. The one.” And boy was it right. I had no need to look any further. It is absolutely perfect and spells out my story perfectly. Exciting times!

The other inspirational moment this week was a reply that I had from probably the most successful thriller author in the UK, Stephen Leather. With thousands and thousands of followers, multiple ‘number one best selling author on amazon’ awards, I was sure my email to him would just fall into the equivalent of a famous persons black hole. It didn’t. He replied with a very short but sweet message addressing me by name making it all the more personal.

So that’s where I am at so far. On to chapter seven. I cannot wait for you to join me on this psychological rollercoaster. I’ll keep you updated as much as I can. Until next time…


The story so far…

Unfortunately for you this is not ‘the story so far’ so I am afraid I am not about to give away any spoilers. Not just yet anyway.


As I sit here on the train home from London, my pen in hand, my head filled with this new world that only I can see, I wonder… I wonder what other people will make of my world. The faces I see, the smells I inhale, the lives of my characters becoming more and more real each day. Knowing that these images I have will differ for each reader that enters my world. I have well and truly been bitten by this writing bug. I am addicted. There is no tool more powerful than the human mind. The possibilities are endless. There is no guide book, no map, just me, a pen and paper.


With chapter four well under way, there is nothing more I can give away 

With every twist and change in plan, I’ll keep you posted as much as I can

Soon you’ll meet my new best friends, and find out where this story ends
Stay with me it’s worth the wait, follow me and tell your mate


I will be posting regular updates from now on. Thank you to all those who are either following my blog or keeping an eye on my face book page. Your support means more than you realise.


Until next time…