Writing 101 Challenge

Good morning guys and Happy Easter!

Thank you to all the new recruits who have recently chosen to follow my blog.

I wanted to tell you about a new group/course that I have recently signed up to called Writing 101. In short, it is a course full of short writing challenges which are designed to give you practice in creative writing. There are thousands of people from all over the world signed up to it and the first assignment has just been given so here it is.

Assignment 1: 20 minutes of free hand continuous writing about absolutely anything. The aim is to not stop writing and to write about whatever comes into your head.

Here is my result:

As he approached the garage with a strong feeling of foreboding, the distinct smell of gasoline instantly filled his lungs. To his right, a car gently smoking. Burnt out from the inside. It’s shell like remains blending in to the already troubled scene. There she lay, next to pump two. As peaceful as she had ever been. His stomach curdling as he tried to process the image before him. It was like nothing he had seen before. Forensics scuttled around like ants making him feel uncomfortable. This was their day job. How anyone could get used to this routine day in day out he could not understand. Chris had been working for the NYPD for almost seven years but scenes like this no one could prepare for. He heard a faint cry coming from the attendants cabin. At this point he felt confused, tired and nervous. Nervous for what he felt was about to happen. This wasn’t over. There it was again. The crying sound which he now labelled as childlike. He walked towards the cabin. The crying getting louder and more intense as he edged closer. He muttered words of prayer under his breath. Whoever it was, he could now tell it was a girl, was alive at least. He reached for the handle and slowly opened the door. His stomach in knots, he gazed into her sunken, tear filled eyes. There she sat. Her arms wrapped tightly around her teddy. She didn’t take her eyes off him. Not once. He held out his hand and motioned her towards him. Without warning, she stood up and ran towards him. She gripped him tightly. Her head buried in his chest as she listened to his fast paced heartbeat. Comforted by its repetition. “It’s over now sweetheart. Daddy’s here”.

Let me know what you think. This was completely off the cuff.

Thanks guys!

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One comment

  1. Elisabeth Zguta · April 6, 2015

    Very good Mark. Tension was there, and you hooked me. I wanted to know more about Chris and what caused the situation. If you ever finish writing and editing this story, consider revisiting how you switched POV at the end. “Her head buried in his chest as she listened…” It is moving but I noticed we left his head for hers – not necessary. The scene was strong. Great creative writing.

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