Reunited – Chapter One

Good afternoon followers. I hope you are all well. As promised, here is the first chapter of my new short story ‘Reunited’. Enjoy! 


It had been nearly six months since she had last seen any of her close friends. Hibernating from the world in a closet full of painful memories, Laura had barely ventured out of the house. The loss had hit her particularly hard. Tonight however, she hoped to put all of that behind her with a toast to moving on.

Laura’s good friend Chloe turned thirty today and had planned a celebratory night out for all of her girlfriends. A local tapas bar would set the scene for what was sure to be a classic girly evening which they had all been looking forward to for some time.
As she added the finishing touches to an already colourful array of make up, the door bell rang.

“Hey trouble!” Chloe came crashing through the door with her handbag in one hand and a half finished bottle of prosecco in the other. 

“Are you ready or what?” she asked.

“Yeah give me two minutes to get my shoes on and I’ll be out” Laura replied.

“Ok hurry up babe. The taxi won’t wait forever”.

Laura sat on the stairs and slipped into her four inch heels. She was sure that come midnight she would be taking them off again on the way home but they looked good. She stood up, grabbed her bag and locked the door behind her. She climbed into the taxi and was treated to a competitive surge of hugs and kisses. 

On the way to the tapas bar in amidst painfully out of tune serenades to passers by, much to the amusement of the taxi driver, Laura was reminded once again of her past. 
‘So how have things been since losing Dan?’ asked her friend Hannah. 

‘Yeah okay. I think I’m finally coming to terms with it all to be honest’ she replied. ‘I still miss him like crazy but it’s getting easier’. Hannah placed her hand on Laura’s knee. ‘You’ll be fine you know. We’re going to have a good night tonight’.

The taxi pulled up outside the bar and they climbed out one by one trying to retain their dignity as they did so. As they walked inside their table stood out like a sore thumb. The ‘Happy Birthday’ banners and ’30’ balloon the big giveaway. A waiter ushered them over and they took their seats. ‘Someone will be over to take your drinks order in a second ladies’ he said.
Ten minutes had passed before he arrived at the table. 
‘What can I get you girls?’

They each looked at him as if he had arrived from another planet. A Spanish planet.

‘Wow’ whispered Chloe to Laura.

‘I know. Where the hell did he come from?’ she replied.

‘I don’t know babe but I want to go there on my holidays’. The two of them giggled in unison.

‘And what can I get you my..’ He paused. Laura slowly shifted her gaze upwards as he stood beside her fixated on her nervous eyes. A confused expression now appearing on his face. ‘It’s you’. 

Dear followers…

I hope you are all keeping well. You have been and continue to be so patient and supportive whilst waiting for my finished article.

I have decided to attempt a short story to keep you all entertained while my work in progress continues to take shape. Something I have been meaning to do for some time.

A short story can be anything from 200 words to 10 chapters totalling 5000 words. Here is what I am going to do:

Each week I will be writing a new chapter. I will be releasing one chapter at a time every Sunday starting this Sunday 31st May. 

My challenge to myself is that I do not know yet where my story is going and when it will end. All I know is the beginning. I hope you will enjoy reading whatever may come of it as much as I am going to enjoy writing it.

I will be back on Sunday with Chapter one. Enjoy!

Your author




Firstly, I would like to thank all of my most recent followers for joining me on this exciting adventure. Your support is priceless. Welcome.

So I’m going to tell you a bit about where my inspiration came from to write my first psychological thriller. In essence, writing a novel is hard work and requires a huge amount of dedication and sacrifice. Ten chapters in and I have already stumbled across this harsh reality. I do have my family to thank for allowing me the time to spend writing.

The sudden decision to write a 70,000+ word novel must have come from somewhere, right? I don’t think the decision was based on me always wanting to write a book, it was more about me wanting to write a psychological thriller. 

The funny thing is that I would not say I am a book worm at all. Yes I have read books but I would not say that reading, until now, has been at the top of my hobby list. Now watching psychological thriller movies and TV series has.

I have recently finished the TV series ‘Luther’ which I thought was spot on. Another classic for me with Robson Green was ‘Wire in the blood’. These two psychological crime dramas are the pinnacle of what I believe to make perfect viewing.

I have also recently finished ‘The Magpies’ by Mark Edwards. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone that likes a good psychological thriller. 

So back to me. After watching these series and reading psychological thriller novels, I thought to myself, ‘hey I could do this’. So I did.

The twists and turns and unexpected endings are what makes this a unique genre which I hope to bring to life through my work. I want to leave my audience wanting more.

Until next time.

Your author


The psychological thriller…


I wanted to share my view with you on what I believe makes a successful psychological thriller. This belief could apply to both literacy and on screen thrillers but due to my work in progress, my ultimate aim is to give you an idea of what you can expect from my forthcoming novel.

Firstly I wanted to outline the differences between your ‘bog standard thriller’ and your ‘psychological thriller’. The difference may seem obvious to some but trust me, when it comes to writing one of the two, the differences really are important.

So let’s start with the ‘bog standard thriller’. The main aim of the game here is to scare you. Through suspense and anticipation, the reader will be or should be left scared witless. They may include scenes that make you jump and may also include plenty of claret to keep it gruesome.

Now let’s move on to my preferred choice, ‘the psychological thriller’. These well thought out stories have a greater need to ‘keep it real’. This is because the reader will be living and breathing the characters lives. They should be drawn in by them and almost befriend them. The writer will play on the readers mind and through twists and turns they will be left with a very real feeling. What you thought may happen, may not. The person you thought may live, may not. The person you thought you knew, may turn out to be someone completely different. Overall, a psychological thriller should have you emotionally involved and playing with your mind at the very least. This is what I hope to achieve.


So a quick update on the book. I am starting chapter ten so almost half way through. Thank you for your constant support. To all my followers both new and old, welcome. Welcome aboard this rollercoaster of a ride.

Until next time
Your author

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The blank page…

So here I am again. On the train to London with my pen and paper ready to make a start on chapter 9. Where do I start I hear you ask? Good question.

As some of you may know, there are two types of writer. The ‘plotter’ and the ‘pantster’. The first being relatively obvious. A plotter will sit down and map out every detail of their story from beginning to end. They will work hard on each scene to make sure they have a good understanding on what’s happening, who’s talking and what the scene should mean. They will know everything about their story before they even put pen to paper. This is the plotter.
Now the pantster, he/she will have an idea about a story and to some degree make notes on each chapter as to what they would like to include and how the story will pan out. Very rarely does a pantster know the ending to their story until they are half way through writing their masterpiece. They let their pen do the talking taking them on its own journey. The story changing all the time as they write. 
I am a definite pantster. I make notes on each chapter before I start writing but that’s about as planned as it gets. I have however just about figured out my ending. Good, bad, happy or sad. Who knows? I do! 
So there you go guys. That’s how I write. I sit, pick up my pen and let my imagination run all over the page. Not literally as that would be a bit messy!
Until next time. Take care.