Dear followers…

I hope you are all keeping well. You have been and continue to be so patient and supportive whilst waiting for my finished article.

I have decided to attempt a short story to keep you all entertained while my work in progress continues to take shape. Something I have been meaning to do for some time.

A short story can be anything from 200 words to 10 chapters totalling 5000 words. Here is what I am going to do:

Each week I will be writing a new chapter. I will be releasing one chapter at a time every Sunday starting this Sunday 31st May. 

My challenge to myself is that I do not know yet where my story is going and when it will end. All I know is the beginning. I hope you will enjoy reading whatever may come of it as much as I am going to enjoy writing it.

I will be back on Sunday with Chapter one. Enjoy!

Your author



  1. Andy Draycott · May 28, 2015

    Can’t wait Mark. See you Saturday. Dad x


  2. xiaohuamaobiji · August 11, 2015

    Juggling a novel and an ongoing short story is no easy feat, keep it up Mark!
    I’ve followed your blog to keep up with your writing progress, all the best!


    • drakes1 · August 11, 2015

      Thank you very much indeed for your support! It means a lot.


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