Reunited – Chapter Three

As the light filtered into the room through a small gap in the curtains, she stirred. With her head beating like a drum Laura made her way into the kitchen. Filling a glass to the top with water she turned to look at the clock on the wall noticing that it was nowhere near the time she thought it might be. With two paracetamol in hand she headed upstairs to bed.
As she walked into her room, she picked up her phone from the bed side table. “Damn it” she said to herself noticing the battery had died. She plugged it in to charge and climbed into bed. Just as she was drifting off to sleep, her phone vibrated awakening her with a startle.

She rolled over and reached out for it almost knocking her glass of water over in the process. Slowly opening one eye, she noticed the text and a missed call. The call having been made at 01:46am and the text followed shortly after. She was sure as she waited for the voicemail to begin, that it would be one of her friends leaving her a drunken goodnight. What came next made her sit bolt upright with fear. As she listened, a shiver went down her spine and a feeling of panic set in. She played the message again.

‘Laura! Laura! Hello? Please pick up. Please pick up. Oh my god. Laura its Chloe plea…’. The message cut off again. She recognised Hannah’s voice but only just. The panic and fear distorting her normally calm and collected manner.

Laura did not know what to do first. She called Hannah but there was no answer. She tried Chloe crossing every bone in her body. The call went straight to voicemail. “Chloe its Laura. Please call me back to let me know you’re ok”.

Now wide awake, she jumped out of bed and got dressed. As she paced around her room, it came to her. There was only one thing for it. She had to go back to the bar even if it was only 7.30 in the morning.
As she drove towards the town, she had no idea what she may find or even if the bar would be open. The fear in Hannah’s voice had left her with no choice but to at least try. The twelve minute drive was full of personal torment. Every minute a valid reason would float into Laura’s head as to why Hannah had left the voicemail. However, as she turned the corner coming face to face with the bar, her fears were confirmed. 
The bar was surrounded by blue and white tape and 2 police vehicles sat outside. As she parked up and stepped out of her car, she found herself praying for what would now be a miracle. And she knew it. She approached the tape as a policeman came from inside the bar to greet her. “I am sorry but I will have to move you on from this area Madame” he said formally. “Can I just ask what has happened” she asked. Now crossing her fingers that his response would be one she wanted to hear. “I’m afraid a girl was abducted in the early hours of this morning” he replied. Laura’s stomach turned upside down. She felt physically sick. She turned and ran towards her car. “Excuse me” called the policeman but it was too late. Laura had gone. She pulled out her phone to try Hannah again. As she did so she noticed the text message that she had forgotten all about. It had disappeared into her minefield of saved messages that she had stored on her phone. Rather reluctantly she opened the message from the unknown sender. To her horror it simply read ‘Do you remember me now?’.


  1. jabrush1213 · June 14, 2015

    Can’t wait to read what is next.


  2. notthestateofmyhouse · June 19, 2015

    I’m enjoying reading your serial postings. I had envisioned it taking a romantic twist in the first chapter (with her friends’ comments about the waiter’s looks) but this is much more interesting! Maybe try making the two girlfriends more distinct…with the common names and similar attitudes, I find myself rereading portions to get straight who is saying/doing what (and sometimes that Laura is out with two friends). The person leaving the voicemail identifies herself as Chloe but then Laura refers to the caller as Hannah and the police say “a girl” was abducted when it sounds as if both friends are missing. Or maybe it’s me who’s missing something 🙂


    • drakes1 · June 19, 2015

      Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. Yes the caller was Hannah. The sentence after explains that Laura recognises her voice. And the policeman saying ‘a girl’ is when he first meets Laura outside the bar making sure to give nothing away to her. I do understand your point about distinguishing characters so I will definitely take that on board. Thanks again! Mark


      • notthestateofmyhouse · June 19, 2015

        Ah, so when the caller says “it’s Chloe” she is saying something happened to Chloe?


  3. drakes1 · June 19, 2015

    That’s exactly right! 🙂


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