Reunited – Chapter four

Laura stood next to her car frozen to the ground with fear. Her nightmare had come alive again but this time it was not her that was the subject of his evil. It was Chloe.

Almost seven years ago Laura had been celebrating her 23rd birthday when she was abducted and held captive for 24 hours. It was a nightmare that she thought would never come back to haunt her. She never saw his face as the mask he so proudly wore overshadowed the troubled soul inside. One thing that Laura did know was that Chloe was out with her that fateful night. She had to return to the bar to speak to the policeman for that may be Chloe’s only hope of survival.

As she approached the bar, she tried to piece together her painful memories. Making a mental list of anything the police may need to know. One piece of evidence that she did have was that she had now seen his face. She had even spoke with him. She briefly gave her story to the policeman who was still standing outside the bar. “You had better come inside Laura” he said.
She sat down on the same stool as she had done only hours before, with Chloe next to her. The smell of stale alcohol filled the room making her feel queasy. “I know this is going to be hard for you Laura but we need as much information from you as you can possibly remember” he said. “Let’s start with a description of this man who we now believe to be called Ivan”. 
Laura described him as best she could before stopping in her tracks. “Hang on. Why can’t we just call him or text him back on this number?” she said. “I’m afraid it’s not as simple as that” replied the officer. “My colleague has tried calling the number back but there was no answer. We are in the process of tracing the location of the phone but this may take a while. Are there any similarities at all with this case and yours that you believe may be relevant? Anything.” “Well it might just be coincidence but it also happened to me on my birthday and Chloe was also with me that night. Whether or not it’s relevant I don’t know” said Laura. “I mean this was 7 years ago. Why would he remember me?”. “I have no idea but we will find Chloe don’t worry. The best thing you can do is to go home and see if you can contact any of the other friends that you were out with last night that may also have information for us. And if he texts again, please do not be tempted to reply. Call me.” The officer handed Laura his card and they said their goodbyes.

As she opened her front door and entered the house, it felt decidedly colder than usual. Even though she lived on her own and was accustomed to quiet, sometimes lonely surroundings, today felt like she had no one. She didn’t know where to turn, who to call or what to think. 
Back at the bar, a young officer who’s duty it was to liaise with the station to gain further information on Ivan’s possible whereabouts, stepped out of the bar. “Sir. We’ve got a location on the phone” he said urgently. “Good work Sam. Where are we heading” he said as they climbed into one of the vehicles that sat outside. “11 Sandell Close Sir” he replied. “Say that again”. “11 Sandell Close?” he replied. “That’s Laura’s address! Go!”.

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