Word count…

Word after word after word after word etc… You get the point I’m sure. I have become obsessed with word count since I have started writing. Each page becoming not only part of my story but a mile in my marathon to make up the minimum of 60,000 words. I am reminded of this figure daily as I strive to hit this target with every chapter I complete.

What does interest me is chapter length. Personally I prefer short chapters but plenty of them. Maybe this is because I’m not someone who can sit there for hours on end reading. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I have read for only 15-20 minutes but managed to plough through 2 chapters.

I thought it would be interesting to ask the question to you. To my followers who are the ones that really count on this journey. What lay out do you prefer? 30-40 short chapters or 10-15 long ones? I look forward to hearing from you. 

As always thank you to my most recent followers for sharing this journey with me and to those who have been with me from the beginning. You all have my greatest of respect.

Yours in anticipation…



  1. sally draycott · July 26, 2015

    hi mark

    I prefer medium size as too long is annoying but too short hinders the flow. Thats my feeling.

    Mum xx

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    • drakes1 · July 26, 2015

      Thanks mother!x


    • ch4rl13sm1th · August 11, 2015

      Sally said it very well. I prefer longer chapters, though not looong. When I come across a few two-paged chapters I feel like I’m being tricked or cheated. I need to get immersed, and I won’t mind the length once I do.


    • ch4rl13sm1th · August 11, 2015

      I would never have my mother read my blog. What an interesting (to me) situation!

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      • drakes1 · August 11, 2015

        I guess that all depends on what you’re blogging about! 🙂 thanks for stopping by. Mark


  2. caroljforrester · August 1, 2015

    I was thinking about this just the other day and [this is something I never thought I’d say to a writer] I agree with your mother to a certain extent. I think the content of the chapter is rather important to its length, and while I love the accomplished feeling you were talking about, sometimes a chapter with plenty of meat on the bones is just as satisfying.


    • drakes1 · August 2, 2015

      Thanks for your feedback Carol! I definitely agree with your comments. Content really does matter. Mark


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