Part 2…

Allan spent the majority of Saturday with Charlie as Megan had promised Harriet a shopping trip that was now long overdue. The two of them washed the family car in the afternoon with Charlie finding it highly amusing that daddy came of a lot worse in the water fight that followed. After what seemed like five minutes spent with his son, it was 5 o clock and time for Allan to get ready for work. At least that’s what Allan called it. He knew deep down that he needed to call it that to make himself feel better about having to hide it from Megan and the kids.

He began packing his bag for the night ahead. His tools stashed in their new home at the rear of Charlie’s bed. A place he knew they would never be found. The toys underneath it he had long grown out of and Allan was certain he had forgotten all about them. At least he hoped he had. He placed the box into his slightly bigger changing bag and made his way downstairs.
“Right I’m off darling. See yer kids. Be good for mummy. I won’t be too late I promise babe” said Allan as he placed a kiss on each of their heads.

Allan would ride his bike to work a few days a week and would especially take it with him when he was called upon at ‘The Shed’ to make sure that Megan did not suspect his whereabouts. He would also see it as a warm up. He rode past the factory alongside the canal being careful to make sure no one saw him. A few minutes later he took a sharp right through an abandoned warehouse. The warehouse looked like it had been battered, bruised, burnt down and more. There was no reason for anyone else to be there other than those involved in what was about to follow. He arrived at a door that hung from its hinges precariously. He picked up his bike, opened the door and started to descend the stairs in front of him. At the bottom of the stairs Allan mounted his bike and disappeared into the darkness along a corridor that was only lit by one dim wall mounted light every 20-30 metres or so. It didn’t matter to Allan as he knew his way by now. He dodged every pot hole and crevice like it was his own back yard. Eventually he came to the end of the corridor. He dismounted his bike and stood next a television monitor and another door which was indicated ‘locked’ by a red light adjacent to the handle. The monitor started to flicker, two men slowly coming into focus. 
“Good evening Allan” one of them said. “We are glad you could make it this time”.

“Silas. Ray. Yeah sorry about Thursday. I’m here now anyway. Are you going to let me in or what?” asked Allan. The light turned to green and Allan walked through the door.

He approached the office ready to take his grilling on the chin for not showing on Thursday. Allan walked in to be greeted by a number of VIP’s alongside Ray and Silas. 
“Here he is. The man of the moment” said Silas. 

“Hi guys. You all okay?” asked Allan.

“Yes we are fine Allan. How about you?” he asked in return whilst delicately sipping from his champagne glass. Silas was a very sophisticated, middle aged man who dressed to impress and today sported a navy blue fitted suit accompanied by a white handkerchief protruding from his suit jacket pocket. He was the owner of ‘The Shed’ and had recently taken on another revenger to lighten the load. Allan knew that it was because he didn’t find him trustworthy.

“I’m fine thanks” replied Allan.

“Big crowd tonight son. We’ve even got live feeds coming out of Japan and Indonesia tonight. Can you believe that?” said Silas looking around at his guests for some kind of recognition. 

“I better go and get changed then. You coming Ray?”

“Yeah give me 2 minutes Allan. I’ll follow you down” replied Ray. Ray had been Allan’s manager since he had become a revenger with ‘The Shed’. Allan approached the changing room with a feeling of foreboding hanging over him…


  1. xiaohuamaobiji · September 1, 2015

    I can’t wait to find out what Allan is involved in!


  2. itsmayurremember · September 18, 2015

    I thought he is a spy!


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