Part 4…

As he descended the stairs, soaking up the applause, his eyes were fixated on Senari. Half way down, he stopped and crouched down on one knee. Reaching into his bag he pulled from it the first part to what was obviously a rifle. Piece by piece he assembled the weapon until it was fully formed. The arena fell silent. Allan was now staring down the barrel at Senari. He knew that his brother was watching, feeling the pain and needing revenge as they all did. He also knew that there would be many others in the crowd who had suffered similar heartache. They and Allan wanted these people wiped out. The shed believed that life in prison was no match for the pain, suffering, humiliation and bitter end that they could offer. Allan spared a thought for Senari’s niece, held his breath and took aim. Senari’s cry rang through the arena and was followed by loud cheers from the spectators. He began limping away and Allan stood to his feet. “Now see how far you get murderer”. Senari tried his best to find some kind of shelter. As he stumbled across the ring, Allan took the final few steps before joining him inside the perimeter. A voice on the overhead tannoy began to announce Senari’s crime.

“Thomas Rico Senari. A son, a brother and until recently, an uncle. Why you would take a young innocent girls life is beyond anyone’s comprehension, let alone a life within your own family. The revenger acts on behalf of all present and will condemn you to your end. God bless you my son”. Senari managed to somehow take refuge behind one of the many objects placed into the ring by the shed. The large black wheelie bin was the only thing now protecting him from his revenger. This time Allan dropped to the floor taking aim once more. “Now for the other one” he said quietly. Moments later Senari screamed out in pain yet again. Allan got to his feet and approached the bin. Chants of ‘bin him’ echoed around the arena and Allan was aware that the crowds had spoken. He looked down at Senari who had fainted with fear before pulling him to his feet with one hand. Allan opened the lid with his other, bent down and hoisted Senari over his shoulder. He turned and looked up to the VIP box where Silas was standing alone on his balcony. A slow nod of the head was all Allan needed to finish the job. He dropped Senari into the bin and closed the lid. As he walked away he could hear the faint drum like beating on the side of the bin. The lights in the arena went down and Allan disappeared from view. The number 10 appeared on the large screen above and a thick sheet of glass rose from the ground enclosing the ring. The countdown began. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one…… Allan was spot on as always. The explosion was deafening. Pieces of fragment along with unknown body parts crashed into the glass and the arena erupted with cheers. It was over.

Allan sat in the changing room with his head in his hands. He could hear the next revenger being announced over the tannoy. 
“They loved that Allan!”, said Silas as he walked into the room. “One less idiot on the planet ey?”.

“Too right”, said Allan. How many have you got in tonight?”.

“Another three. Shame you can’t stick around and join us in the box”, said Silas.

“Yeah I know. I have to get home. Megan will be wondering where I am”.

“And we can’t have her wondering that can we Allan?”

“No Silas, we can’t”, replied Allan with a hint of sarcasm. He picked up his bag and left the room with Silas following behind him. So Ray will be in touch Allan. We’ll see you again soon my friend. Allan entered the long tunnel once more, mounted his bike and rode off into the darkness. 

Moments later he could see the light at the end of the tunnel but he suddenly felt unnerved as he was sure he could see what looked like a black figure standing at the bottom of the stairs, almost like they were waiting for him. He blinked and the figure disappeared making his heart return to its normal pace. He jumped from his bike and picked it up ready to climb the stairs. He looked up and the figure appeared once more. A wave of fear came over him causing the hairs on his arms to stand on end.
He stood as still as he could trying his hardest to not blink this time. He looked down making sure not to miss the first step but once more when he raised his head, the figure had gone. 

Allan rode home that evening with a feeling that he was being followed, constantly checking over his shoulder along the way. As he opened his garage, placing his bike inside, he had one last look. Nothing.


  1. xiaohuamaobiji · September 14, 2015

    I was holding my breath reading what Allan’s gonna do with Senari 😮

    Liked by 1 person

    • drakes1 · September 14, 2015

      I am glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for continuing to follow Allan’s journey! Mark

      Liked by 1 person

  2. itsmayurremember · September 28, 2015

    Revenger…thats a cool thing and completely new for me


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