Front cover…

So here it is! I have held onto this for over 6 months and you, my faithful followers, are the first to see it. Sharing my front cover with the world is some what daunting but it feels great to finally let people in.

So I’d like to share with you briefly how this cover came about. There are various options out there for a writer when it comes to front covers. One of which is to source your own image before handing over the reigns to a designer to work their magic. And boy did they work their magic. I have to say a huge thank you to Kellie Dennis at Cover by Design for turning a simple image into a masterpiece.
So I hope you like it and watch this space as ‘A Hole in Serenity’ will be with you very shortly! Thank you as always to my most recent followers for your support and Happy Halloween to all.
Yours excitedly,


Where would we be without time? How do we make time? Where do we find the time? Where has the time gone? These are all questions I am sure most of us ask ourselves on a daily basis. 

The clocks have just been turned back an hour in the UK which got me thinking about time. As I sat this morning with my two year old son watching kids TV that I used to watch years ago, the last question on the above list crept into my mind.
Imagine how we would be able to arrive at work on time but then would it matter if we did not have a start time? Would we take our lunch break when we felt like it or would we take it when we began to feel hungry? When it reaches 12 or 1pm, do we start to feel hungry because psychologically we know it’s lunch time?
At home, do we have dinner at a set time or when we feel hungry? Do we go to bed when we feel tired or when it’s 10pm due to the amount of hours of sleep we believe we should be having?
Time has a habit of slowing down when we want it to speed up and vice versa. Time is something we always want more of. Time defines whether we are late or early, stressed or relaxed. People talk about their ‘body clock’ and ‘biological clock’. Could we even get away from clocks if we tried?
Would the world be a better place without time and could it even operate efficiently? You decide… It’s time for me to go…

A date for your diary…

So what is the first thing that people see when they buy a book off the shelf or choose an e book online? The front cover of course. So what makes a good front cover?

Firstly I hate the word ‘good’ so I apologise for using it. Let me re phrase that. What makes an enticing front cover? How do you get someone to even pick up a book or make that first click on an e book?
I made the decision to have my front cover designed pretty early on. As most of you know, I started writing my novel back in February. My front cover was complete by the end of April. Thanks to Kellie Dennis at ‘Book Cover by Design’, I have what I believe to be the perfect front cover. Having trawled through hundreds of images I stumbled across one which made me stop in my tracks. That’s where my trawling ended. I immediately knew that it had to take centre stage on my front cover and thanks to Kellie who somehow created an absolute masterpiece from this image, I cannot wait to see it go live. 
So… A date for your diary… What date goes hand in hand with a psychological thriller? None other than Halloween. So I will be releasing my front cover to the world on the 31st October. I hope you like it!
As always, thank you to all of my most recent followers. Your support means a great deal.
Watch this space… It’s almost time…

The commuter…

I’m almost certain that each and every one of these people is thinking something different on their commute to work which got me thinking… 

What goes through people’s minds when they are not actively engaged in conversation? Music? I am sure most people are imagining something that coincides with the music they are listening to. Books? When people are reading their imagination is completely governed by the writer, taking them to a different world. The mobile phone? I see people texting and playing games. Totally engulfed in a world of their own. 

It’s when I see people with none of the above who are just sat there staring out of the window watching the world go by. What are these people thinking about? Family? Work? Relationships? Are they happy or sad thoughts?
Then something may happen on the train which all of a sudden, even for a split second, has people thinking the same thoughts. Each persons way of thinking and interpretation of an event is different. Fascinating right?
My journey to work and back is pretty average except I am in a world that I can guarantee no one apart from me is in. As I put pen to paper my characters come back to life. It’s like I’ve hit the ‘pause’ button and pressed ‘play’ again.
So am I ready to share this with the world? Am I ready to let people into these lives that I’ve created. The answer is yes. But not just yet. 
Watch this space… It’s almost time…