Where would we be without time? How do we make time? Where do we find the time? Where has the time gone? These are all questions I am sure most of us ask ourselves on a daily basis. 

The clocks have just been turned back an hour in the UK which got me thinking about time. As I sat this morning with my two year old son watching kids TV that I used to watch years ago, the last question on the above list crept into my mind.
Imagine how we would be able to arrive at work on time but then would it matter if we did not have a start time? Would we take our lunch break when we felt like it or would we take it when we began to feel hungry? When it reaches 12 or 1pm, do we start to feel hungry because psychologically we know it’s lunch time?
At home, do we have dinner at a set time or when we feel hungry? Do we go to bed when we feel tired or when it’s 10pm due to the amount of hours of sleep we believe we should be having?
Time has a habit of slowing down when we want it to speed up and vice versa. Time is something we always want more of. Time defines whether we are late or early, stressed or relaxed. People talk about their ‘body clock’ and ‘biological clock’. Could we even get away from clocks if we tried?
Would the world be a better place without time and could it even operate efficiently? You decide… It’s time for me to go…

One comment

  1. cultivatingtime · November 24, 2015

    I like this post – probably because my bog is called Cultivating Time! I like your questions about time.


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