And I thought writing a novel was the hard part! I’ve been told that editing can be just as tough.

I have had some fantastic advice from the very talented and best selling author Cally Taylor. A long list of bullet points await as I attempt to cut, add and change my story. Word count will suddenly take a back seat as I attempt to trim down and bring to life my masterpiece. 
As I enter the unknown world of editing and proof reading I am sure I will kick myself along the way. Why did I write that? How could I forget to add that? Does that really make sense? All of these questions will arise at some point I’m sure. 
Searching for perfection, completion and total satisfaction, I know I will be over the moon with the finished product. I only hope that you are too.
Thank you as always to my most recent followers and as I finish chapter 20, I’m not far off calling myself ‘an author’!
Yours in appreciation,


As a writer it has amazed me how playing with words can have a huge impact on how well we bring a story to life. Simply adding, taking away or changing the order of words can bring a story to life instantly. 

I have written the very short extract below as a bit of an experiment. It bares no relevance to any work in progress but I would welcome your feedback. Does it work for you? Does it leave you wanting more? Do you feel what Aidan is feeling? The answers to these questions are more useful than you think and constructive criticism is always welcome too! I look forward to hearing from you. Mark 
‘As he stumbled out of the house to heavy rain and strong winds, Aidan knew they would not be too far behind him. His blurred vision courtesy of the drug that had now taken control of each muscle in his body coupled with the medicinal smell of sterilising solution made him feel nauseous and desperate. Struggling to overcome each wave of sickness with every step, he kept going. He felt his way along each garden from wall to wall innocently unaware that he had completed a full circle and was heading straight for them. The wind rushed through him like a steam train robbing him of every sound along the way. Then suddenly, the world went dark.’

My loyal followers…

Please see full version below. I believe some of you may have only received half of this post. My apologies.

To my loyal followers,

Firstly, I’d like to start by remembering those lives lost in Paris this week. My thoughts go out to all involved. I pray that those responsible will one day wake up from their delusional dream.
Secondly, I’d like to say a big thank you to my most recent followers for not only joining this literacy roller coaster but also for your support. It means so much.
Lastly I thought I’d give you a bit of an update on the book. I am now on Chapter 19 and can almost smell the ending! That first word put down on paper back in February seems a lifetime ago now and I really can’t wait to see the end result. As soon as the last word is written, the editing process will then begin. This is my opportunity to fine tune, chisel, add or takeaway until I’m happy. 
Okay, maybe that wasn’t ‘lastly’. The feedback I have had from my front cover has been overwhelming. It has been a big hit so thank you for all of your positive feedback. I best get on and get this thing finished! I’ll be back soon.
Take care