My first year as a writer from A-Z…

A – Accomplishment 
B – Beginning

C – Chapters

D – Demanding

E – Encouragement 

F – Fulfilment

G – Growing

H – Help

I – Indecisive

J – Journey

K – Knowing

L – Learning

M – Mindful

N – Narrative

O – Onwards

P – Practice

Q – Quiet

R – Respect

S – Sounds

T – Thrill

U – Ungrateful

V – Vivid

W – Words

X – eXample (bit of a copout I know!)

Y – Yes

Z – Zealous

That’s a wrap…

I’ve waited 10 months to send this message but here it is… Finally… I have finished the first draft! I am now officially an author!! You know it’s meant a lot when a lump appears in your throat whilst you write those last few words…

Take care


The Christmas Chill…


When every soul on Christmas night has gone to bed tucked up so tight,                                                      The Christmas chill himself takes flight and dances down the street so bright.
Round every corner, twist and turn he feels the fires as they burn.       He knows the heat will end him soon his trusted friend above, the moon.
Peering through the frosty panes he keeps on moving through the lanes, He never stops for all to see, a silent friend to you and me.
The sun comes up, he disappears, to put to bed our Christmas fears.      He sleeps away the harmful rays, the warmth of all those sunny days.
The cold returns and so does he, to dance again from tree to tree,        For Christmas chill the night he owns, he waits for life to freeze their bones.
To all who dare to step outside, he’ll be in waiting trying to hide.            For every step that you may stride he’ll watch you as you slip and slide

Merry Christmas from your friend, a seasons greetings message I send.
Take care
The Christmas Chill
by Mark Draycott

The Creative Mind

Love it, hate it, read the books or seen the films, Harry Potter is a mastermind of plot, characters, twists and turns which are full of surprises. J K Rowling for me is the pinnacle of a creative mind. How she conjured up even half the characters both human and non human still amazes me.

So how does the mind of a writer work? 
For me, I had an idea and from that idea my characters were born. I was lucky enough to have a very clear picture in my head of the location of my story which has helped a great deal. I am certain I won’t always have that luxury going forward.
So what started as a very simple beginning, middle and end, slowly had to become a story that everyone of my readers could relate to in some way. That’s the hard part! First you have to create the fictional character and bring them to life in your mind. Only when you have a clear image of them and you know them in person can you write about what they see, smell, think and feel.
I had an idea early on about the direction that I wanted my story to take. I do remember however, a conversation that I had very early on in the process with another writer. Out of nowhere I came up with a saying which I believe sums writing up perfectly:
‘I believe that writing is not all about the planning but more about having the ability to let the imagination change that plan’
I have two chapters to go! A huge thank you to all of my followers both old and new for staying with me and joining me on this adventure. I promise I will not keep you waiting too much longer. As always, thank you for your support.
Take care

My first year…

Well it’s almost a year… 

I thought, that as we are approaching the end of the year that now might be a good time to tell you a bit more about how my first year as a writer has gone so far.
For all who want the short version, here is a quick Q & A:
Have I enjoyed it? Without a doubt
Has it been easy? Far from it

Have I had support? For the most part

Am I addicted? Big time

What have I found the hardest? Finding time

What have I enjoyed the most? The positive feedback 

Would i recommend it? In a heartbeat

As some of you know, I started writing in February this year. First putting pen to paper whilst sat on a bench in the north of England surrounded by snow. I remember sitting there staring at a blank page and thinking ‘If I start this, I’m going to have to finish it’. From the first word I was hooked. I could have sat there all day but apart from the fact that my gorgeous son would need his tea at some point, I had also run out of coffee!
Throughout the year I’d take each month as it came. Ticking off chapters along the way. Ive read about writing and contacted some big name authors for advice who I must thank for being so helpful and willing to share their knowledge with me.
Time has been hard to come by so every spare moment I have, I write. Half an hour here or there, a short train journey to work, a few words down whilst the tea is cooking. My story just has to come out one way or another.
I have amazed myself at how natural writing feels to me. Nothing is forced nor is it fake. I think, I write. My formula is that simple. 
Twenty one chapters… Done! My end is near and I plan to finish my first draft in 2-3 weeks so I’ll be back with an update soon. As always thank you to you, my followers, for all your support. What a journey it’s been! I am nowhere near ready to jump off this roller coaster!
Take care,