The Creative Mind

Love it, hate it, read the books or seen the films, Harry Potter is a mastermind of plot, characters, twists and turns which are full of surprises. J K Rowling for me is the pinnacle of a creative mind. How she conjured up even half the characters both human and non human still amazes me.

So how does the mind of a writer work? 
For me, I had an idea and from that idea my characters were born. I was lucky enough to have a very clear picture in my head of the location of my story which has helped a great deal. I am certain I won’t always have that luxury going forward.
So what started as a very simple beginning, middle and end, slowly had to become a story that everyone of my readers could relate to in some way. That’s the hard part! First you have to create the fictional character and bring them to life in your mind. Only when you have a clear image of them and you know them in person can you write about what they see, smell, think and feel.
I had an idea early on about the direction that I wanted my story to take. I do remember however, a conversation that I had very early on in the process with another writer. Out of nowhere I came up with a saying which I believe sums writing up perfectly:
‘I believe that writing is not all about the planning but more about having the ability to let the imagination change that plan’
I have two chapters to go! A huge thank you to all of my followers both old and new for staying with me and joining me on this adventure. I promise I will not keep you waiting too much longer. As always, thank you for your support.
Take care

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