The foundations of a successful psychological thriller…

What makes a successful psychological thriller? Here are a few ideas as what I believe MUST be included and thought about during the writing process.
Suspense – This may seem an obvious starting point but it has to be thought about carefully. You can’t just throw in suspense without it keeping with the forward momentum of the story. It also has to be relevant.
Cliff hangers – These are a must throughout the story and again they must keep that forward momentum. To keep readers turning the page you have to make sure that they are constantly asking themselves questions.
Enticing and engaging characters – Again, this may seem obvious but the ending will not be as hard hitting unless readers have engaged with the characters. The writer needs them to almost feel that they know them personally.
Real – A psychological thriller in my opinion needs to be as real to life as possible. A story that the readers can relate to and one that is going to have them thinking ‘Hang on, that could actually happen’ is very important to the end result.
All of the above may seem fairly obvious but I can assure you that it’s not as obvious when you’re staring at a blank piece of paper!
As always, thank you to my most recent followers for joining my journey. We’re not far off the finish line! I’m at the half way point in editing the first draft so it will soon be out of my hands and into the hands of those that matter. 
Take care,

We are all creatures of habit…

I have noticed now that I have started editing ‘A Hole in Serenity’, that I and I am sure we, have certain habits that we didn’t even realise exist.

You walk through the door after work for instance and remove your shoes right? Have you ever thought about which shoe you take off first? I’ll put money on it that it’s the same shoe 9 times out of 10.
Have you ever climbed out of the shower and dried yourself without realising that you have a ‘post shower drying ritual?’ You may have been unaware of it until now but I’m quite sure that you dry each limb in a particular order with little variation each time.
These are just two examples of ‘habits of comfort’. We don’t even think about them, we just do them. They make us feel comfortable because we don’t have to think about what we are doing.
I’ve started to find comfortable words in my writing. Apparently everyone has them. Words you fall back on that are easy to find and that roll of your tongue without too much effort. My challenge is to remove most of them and leap away from my comfort zone. Trust me, it’s not easy!
So if you ever realise that you too have a comfortable habit, break it! Go on, I dare you!
Thank you for following this journey, your support as always is very much appreciated. Until next time…
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Happy Saturday my dear followers!

I thought I would send you an update on ‘A Hole in Serenity’. I am well and truly into the editing phase now. It’s amazing to read my story from the beginning as this is the first time in a year that I’ve revisited the first few chapters. I’ve already made changes adding and taking away whole sentences, turning two words into one and replacing full stops with commas. I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture.
This editing phase I hope to have completed by the middle of February and then the professionals can take over! So I’m not far off now.
As always thank you for your support and thank you to my most recent followers for jumping on board this literacy locomotive.
Take care,

P.s. Please continue to spread the word wherever you can!

The 23 minute challenge…

‘See you next week long legs!’ shouted a voice from the other side of the car park. I turned and laughed.

‘See you later Dom.’ I kicked off my boots and threw them into the footwell on the passenger side, slamming the door shut and starting the engine as I watched Dom pull away. As the dark clouds above descended, I was glad to be in the warmth with the heater now on full blast. The now rain soaked pitch was dimly lit with only two out of the four flood lights working shedding little light in my direction, so I turned on the headlights and made my way towards the exit. 

Sam Turner, a gentleman they call me-a popular one at that. Apparently a gifted footballer who’s just turned 19. I still live at home with my parents but I’m pretty confident it won’t be long before me and the Mrs take the giant leap and find a place of our own. By day, I’m a student, studying Chemistry-a subject i’ve always had a keen interest in. Anyway, that’s enough about me. It all sounds too good to be true, right? The truth is, I never made it to the exit on that fateful night in January.

I love to write without too much planning. Creative writing I believe should be exactly that. There is no greater challenge than starting with a blank page and a blank mind.

My train ride home from work takes exactly 23 minutes. Those 23 minutes are usually spent plugged into my phone or listening to other commuters conversation. Well not last night. Last night I attempted to complete a very short work of fiction from the point I boarded the train to the point I stepped off again. With a blank canvas, 23 minutes and an empty mind, is this the opening of an intriguing story?
Let me know your thoughts. Thanks guys. As always a huge thank you to my latest followers and to those that have stuck with me. ‘A Hole in Serenity’ is almost there so thank you for your patience!
Take care,

A personal message…

Happy New Year!!

I would like to say a personal thank you to each and every one of my followers. 2015 could not have been the year it was without you. Your support, kind words and belief has been the motivation that has driven me to write ‘A Hole in Serenity’ which I will be forever grateful for.
Please do continue to spread the word if you can. I will be starting the editing process very shortly which is the next chapter in this adventure. I will be back with an update very soon.
Thanks again and take care,