The foundations of a successful psychological thriller…

What makes a successful psychological thriller? Here are a few ideas as what I believe MUST be included and thought about during the writing process.
Suspense – This may seem an obvious starting point but it has to be thought about carefully. You can’t just throw in suspense without it keeping with the forward momentum of the story. It also has to be relevant.
Cliff hangers – These are a must throughout the story and again they must keep that forward momentum. To keep readers turning the page you have to make sure that they are constantly asking themselves questions.
Enticing and engaging characters – Again, this may seem obvious but the ending will not be as hard hitting unless readers have engaged with the characters. The writer needs them to almost feel that they know them personally.
Real – A psychological thriller in my opinion needs to be as real to life as possible. A story that the readers can relate to and one that is going to have them thinking ‘Hang on, that could actually happen’ is very important to the end result.
All of the above may seem fairly obvious but I can assure you that it’s not as obvious when you’re staring at a blank piece of paper!
As always, thank you to my most recent followers for joining my journey. We’re not far off the finish line! I’m at the half way point in editing the first draft so it will soon be out of my hands and into the hands of those that matter. 
Take care,

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