Book two… Where to start?

So I know you are all probably thinking “Mark, come on. Let’s have a read of the first one before you start talking about a second” but I have already been busy scribbling down ideas for my follow up to ‘A Hole in Serenity’. As a writer, I now understand the importance of the notebook. My phone has become my mobile notepad with ideas being recorded in all sorts of weird and wonderful locations. Some of which I should probably keep to myself!

So how does the long process of writing a 60,000 word novel begin?
I understand each writer may have their own individual way of working and planning there story so I shall fill you in as to how my process begins.
The first thing is the story. A successful book is obviously nothing without a creative and most importantly unique idea. A writer has to conjure up a plot that is somehow like no other. As you can probably imagine, there are only so many ways that you can kill someone off. Every other idea that you may read is just a variation of how it’s been done. This not only applies to ‘killing people off’ but also other plot ideas. So now you see that it’s suddenly not so easy to come up with something so unique.
Secondly, you need to create believable characters.   

You, the audience have to feel like you know them personally. They have to be described in a way that you can almost see them. Most importantly for a writer is self belief in his/her characters. If I don’t believe in them then my readers won’t either.
I believe I may have mentioned in earlier posts that I am what’s called ‘a pantster’. I only do a certain amount of planning from the start and as I go. Most of my ideas have come to me along the way. This allows me to change the direction of the story as I am hit with these new ideas.
So, once you have all of the above, it’s simple. Just write! Let the words, scenes and creative inspiration flow. Breathe air into your characters and watch as your story begins to unfold.
As always, thank you to my most recent followers and those who have been following for a while. Your support is still very much appreciated.
Take care and I’ll be back with another update soon.

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