What am I expecting to achieve…?

The answer to the above is, I’ve already achieved it!

Hey come on, let’s be honest, every writer on this planet dreams of producing a ‘New York Times Bestseller’. For me it’s more about the accomplishment. I didn’t start writing to become famous and I certainly didn’t start writing to become rich! I started writing to tick another notch off my bucket list. I’ve written a novel and if that’s the only thing that comes of this adventure then I’m happy.
What I didn’t expect to happen was for me to become totally hooked. To have this something that draws me in completely that’s addictive, exciting and an adventure makes me feel privelaged to have found it. I now relish ‘the blank page’ and I find words come easily to me which is half the battle. 
The idea for my second book has left me itching to get started again! I haven’t looked at my current manuscript or picked up a pen in 2 weeks and I miss it. A lot. That’s how I know I’ve been bitten by this bug. 
So at the very least, I’ve started and finished a novel. That isn’t to say I’m not secretly hoping I get at least a few good reviews!
Take care and as always thank you to my most recent followers for joining me on this amazing journey. Don’t forget to look out for the blurb to ‘A Hole in Serenity’ on March 19th!
Take care,


  1. weebluemixer · March 8, 2016

    Good luck with your first novel. It is an awesome accomplishment and something I would love to be able do. Its refreshing to see someone motivated not by money or fame, but motivated by your own aspirations and dreams. This is something you are doing for yourself however by sharing on your blog you are letting us come along for the journey and share your experience too. That’s so good that you have an idea for your second novel, the creative juices must be flowing! Looking forward to being able to read, A Hole in Serenity.

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    • drakes1 · March 8, 2016

      Thanks again. It’s been an amazing year and to have yourself and others involved makes the journey an even more enjoyable one. Take care and do keep in touch! Mark

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