The making of DCI Morgan…

Good evening my faithful!! I hope you are all well.
Firstly let me apologise for the lack of contact this month. May has been an extremely busy month for me so thank you all for being patient. My new novel is taking shape nicely and having just finished chapter 12, the finishing line is well and truly in sight!

So I thought it may be interesting for you to be formerly introduced to my new character at the helm, DCI Morgan. He is the beating heart, the main man and the centre piece to my new novel, the first in a new crime series.

This book is written in first person which as many of you writer’s know, and I have now discovered, is not easy to write in at all. So from the beginning, this has been a real challenge. They say that a book written in first person can unknowingly become a book about the author.  It is very difficult sometimes to ignore how you feel as a writer or what you may say personally to then think about what your main character may say instead. You must think, talk and act like they do, not like you the writer would. Not an easy task, trust me!!

So DCI Morgan has his own traits, own personality and makes his own decisions. I just help him on his journey. I’m excited about this book and the adventures of DCI Morgan going forward. I believe in him and I hope you do too!

As always thank you for staying so loyal and thank you to all my most recent followers for joining this journey. Please don’t forget to join me for a live Q & A via Facebook live. More details can be found via my Facebook page.

Take care


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