Short Stories

I hope you’ll enjoy these short stories that I have written whilst on my way to work. With very little planning, no idea of where they are going week on week, these have been a real challenge to piece together. Enjoy! Mark


  1. weebluemixer · March 8, 2016

    I really enjoyed reading The Carter Chronicles and Reunited. The Carter Chronicles especially as I wasn’t sure where it was going to go. What was the Shed and what was Allan’s job?? I wasn’t expecting him to be a revenge killer! But who was the figure at the end of the tunnel and who is following him?? Will we get to find out?

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    • drakes1 · March 8, 2016

      Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, the next instalment of Allan’s adventure will continue shortly but you have grasped the concept yes. Both short stories were put together without any prior planning at all. I enjoy a challenge. You may notice a post called ‘the 23 minute challenge’. That was tough! Thanks again for your interest. Mark


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